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A Popular iPad Gets Revamped and the New 11 Becomes More Affordable

September 12 2019

Tuesday, Apple unveiled the latest lineup of iPhone 11s, which are suppose to have more cameras for better photo quality, improved battery life and a cheaper price tag. The iPhone 11 starts at $699 with 2 cameras while the iPhone 11 Pro still remains at the $1,000 mark but with 3 cameras. With consumers holding onto their iPhones for an average of three years now, Apple is definitely trying to sway consumers on the fence about buying the newest Apple offering.

That goes for Apples most popular iPad as the company announced a revamped 10.2-inch tablet with 3.5 million pixels, a smart connector to pop onto a keyboard, works with the Apple Pencil, and runs on iPad OS. With the device costing $329, it becomes a great deal for students and other consumers looking for a more affordable iPad option.

Come the end of September, we will see if Apples new direction proves fruitful.

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