Cheap Fixes Are Not Smart Fixes

May 09 2019

Being frugal does not just mean saving money—it means spending your money wisely. That also means some things may be cheap now, but can cost you more in the long run. Investing in your smart devices are among these. Here at SmartFix, we pride ourselves on quality care over cheap fixes. We use the best quality parts to get your smart device back in working order for longer and better.

Take a look at our most popular rates and services:


iPhone 5/S/C/SE Screens- $70

iPhone 6 Screen- $80

iPhone 6 Plus Screen- $85

iPhone 6S Screen- $90

iPhone 6S Plus Screen- $95

iPhone 7 Screen- $100

iPhone 7 Plus Screen- $120

iPhone 8 Screen- $110

iPhone 8 Plus Screen- $130


iPhone 5-6-6S and plus models- $50 tax

Give us a call at 952-236-7369 or stop by our downtown Hopkins location!

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