Google's Pixel 4 Revealed

June 13 2019

The Pixel 4, Googles highly anticipated flagship smartphone, isn\'t due till October but Google just tweeted an image of the design yesterday. The official image clearly shows at least 2 rear cameras and what might be a third sensor in a camera bump on the back of the phone. Another tiny dot at the lower right of the camera could be a microphone and what looks to be a white or gray power button, also adorn the phone\'s back surface. For the first time ever on a Pixel, a rear fingerprint scanner is absent on this version.

What we DO know about the Pixel 4 and 4 XL is that it will come in larger sizes, the XL will not have a notch but will go back to having a traditional top bezel, and it has been confirmed that the next-generation Google Assistant will launch on the device.

If Google delivers, will Apple feel the heat?

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