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Rumored Big Changes for 2019 iPhone.

June 27 2019

Based on the circulating rumors about Apples newest iPhone, some big changes may be arriving in September 2019. AppleInsider Staff reports on the rumored improvements, explaining the biggest one on switching from the Lightning port to USB-C, to triple-lens cameras, to whether or not to expect 5G in 2019 or 2020. Regardless of the rumors, it’s likely Apple’s newest iPhone ...

Google's Pixel 4 Revealed.

June 13 2019

The Pixel 4, Googles highly anticipated flagship smartphone, isn\'t due till October but Google just tweeted an image of the design yesterday. The official image clearly shows at least 2 rear cameras and what might be a third sensor in a camera bump on the back of the phone. Another tiny dot at the lower right of the camera could ...

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