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7 Tips to Improve iPhone Battery Life.

April 26 2019

Dealing with drained battery issues on your iPhone? Until Apple comes up with a better solution, give these tips a try to better improve your iPhone Xs battery life!

Tip 1: DISABLE RAISE TO WAKE- A default feature that allows your screen to turn on when the phone detects being picked up. Turn it off to ...

New Phone, New Problems.

April 19 2019

Innovation has always carried inherent risk. Unfortunately for Samsung, their new folding design for the Galaxy Fold has demonstrated why such is the case. Breaking screens, warping hinges, and other issues have already been reported, and Samsung is deep into investigations prior to the launch of its new smartphone. Read more on the reports of early access users for ...

Game of Phones.

January 16 2019

Much like the world of Game of Thrones, the smartphone marketplace is dominated by titan ruling houses fighting for the western market throne. Though the iPhone sits upon it for now, other major houses threaten to overthrow. Rob Stott and Patrick McCarthy, of Dealerscope, entertain us with the parallels between the global phenomenon and the devices we ...

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